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tangerine quartz

Tangerine Quartz Crystal Cluster - 52 lbs


Tangerine Quartz Crystal Cluster with beautiful points.
From Brazil.
This beautiful piece is shaped like a boat. Only one like this we have ever seen. It has much heart energy.
29" by 12" by 9"  52 lbs

Quartz Crystals are good for protection, clarity on all levels and enhances communication. Quartz crystals are natural holographic storage devices. They can tell you what they already know and you can program them with what you want. They also stimulate your nerves system and do much more. All this, on top of being beautiful to look at. :)

A unique, one of a kind piece. Get it before it's gone!

All sizes and weights are approximate.

Shipping on crystals etc. Free shipping in US up to 15 lbs. Weights above 15 lbs and international shipping is individually calculated based on weight.

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