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About us

The Foundation for Science and Spirituality is a non-profit organization. Its mission is to find the crossroads between science and spirit and to raise the frequency of people on Earth, thus raising the frequency of Earth, and to share this knowledge with the world.

We achieve the first point of our mission through research to determine if spiritual forces can be harnessed to improve both the material quality of life and the evolution of the human spirit and through that process, raise the frequency of the Earth. The foundation seeks to scientifically test whether application of these forces to various human endeavors affect the outcome, to report on the results of these tests, and to develop processes to replicate successfully the results."

We achieve the second point of our mission by publishing the results of our research on our website so that others may receive the benefit of any tools that prove useful. In addition, the Foundation is developing a sanctuary for personal retreat and healing in Colorado.

Some of the ways in which the Foundation has been fulfilling this mission are:

  1. Development of Audio Acupuncture Energy Tapes;
  2. Testing of the result of use of these tapes using the AuraStar2000 and aura photography;
  3. Preliminary research into radionics. The Foundation will sponsor a more formal research project in radionics.
  4. A more direct process of raising the frequency of the earth takes place through the Foundation's activities in activation of the earth grid.

The Foundation was organized in 1986 when several minds shared a common goal, both spiritually and intellectually, and it was evident that their cooperation could usher an exponential increase in their abilities. The Foundation has benefited tremendously from many kind souls along the way, and we make every effort to credit those who have guided us. In that vein, we readily welcome input from all visitors of this site. Contact us with your thoughts.