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Real Ease Neck & Shoulder Relaxer

Real Ease Neck & Shoulder Relaxer


Let your neck feel at ease
with Doctor Riter's REAL-EASE...
Doctor Riter's REAL-EASE is an effective cervical neck support. It is so unique that it is patented. It is completely drug-free and is the simplest, least expensive way to deeply relax your tired, sore neck and shoulders.

How does it work?
The scientifically and orthopedically designed device gently cradles your neck along the base of the skull. The structure of the device allows you to deeply relax the weight of your head into the firm, soft inner surface while gently holding your head up. This allows the many tight muscles of the neck and shoulders to relax.

Wherever you can lean back or lie down, REAL-EASE
will make it more relaxing...

  • For watching T.V. or lying in bed 
  • On the carpet 
  • On the plane 
  • At the beach 
  • At the office 
  • For meditation 
  • In a lounge chair 
  • Before and after massage therapy

Unsure which Audio Acupuncture Energy is right for you?
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