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relax far infrared sauna

RELAX FAR INFRARED SAUNA (with carrying bag & nylon chair)


This is the Relax Far Infrared Sauna, the most advanced far infrared sauna on Earth.

RELAX Far Infrared Sauna More Effective because of Advanced Technology
What makes the Relax Sauna stand out are its Emitters of Far Infrared Energy. They are the generators, using semi-conductor chips to filter out all of the Non-Resonating Far Infrared, the mid infrared and the near infrared – so that you get a Pure Far Infrared Energy – which is the ONLY ENERGY FREQUENCY which RESONATES with the WATER CELLS in your body, and PULSATES them.

This is where the Magic Happens. All other benefits that happen when you bathe in front of the Relax Far Infrared Energy are the BY-PRODUCTS of what happens when your water molecules start pulsating? Whenever we need Nutrients – whether food/herb/supplements or Air Nutrients or Light Nutrients, we also need Movement. Movement and Nutrients are the key to a Healthy body and Healthy Energy.

The Relax Sauna gives you Movement, more so than any other sauna, because the Relax Sauna technology gives you a more focused energy in addition to being of greater wattage. This creates a much greater impact on the water molecules, and hence greater detox, greater micro-circulation increase, and greater impact on the parasympathetic nervous system and on the mitochondria.

Improved circulation - The penetrating infrared energy improves the blood circulation like no other sauna

Helps you lose weight - increases metabolism and burns fat. Burns up to 600 calories per session!

Beautifies skin and reduce the signs of aging - improved circulation = more healthy and youthful looking skin

Speed up healing by improving the circulation

Detoxify by increasing the release of heavy metals

Heats up faster than a wooden sauna - the Relax Far Infrared Sauna heats up in only 20 seconds

Low Maintenance & self cleaning. Zip it up and run for 5 minutes to self clean. Use a towel to absorb sweat and it is low maintenance. 

Portable and space saving - breaks down in less than 5 minutes

Efficient - Fast heat up time saves energy costs. Turn it on and you are ready to start relaxing!

Time saving - get a complete sweat session in only 20 minutes which is about half the time of a regular wooden sauna.

Lower blood pressure - the infrared sauna increases blood flow and scientific evidence shows that over time this reduces blood pressure

Oxygenates the blood - increases nitric oxide production which reduces blood clots and plaque formation, also fights infection

Pain relief - We have had numerous first hand testimonials of relief of chronic pain after using the infrared sauna

Momentum98 is the official distributor of Relax Far Infrared Saunas in North America. We sell at the lowest advertised price so there is no need to search for a better price elsewhere. We guarantee you the best price on the Relax Infrared Sauna.

We offer fast FedEx shipping. You also get a 1 year warranty with your purchase but the sauna will last much longer, we have people who have been using their saunas for 10 years!

What Relax sauna owners are saying

“I have now had the sauna for almost 3 years (CRAZY!)... I LOVE IT and recommend it to anyone who will listen.” - Natalie F

“I Previously owned a Sunlight. The Relax sauna is head and shoulders over the Sunlight.” - Doug F

“I love this sauna. One of the best investments I ever made. -PB, California.”

Each Relax Sauna purchase includes

  • a folding nylon chair 
  • a carrying bag 
  • Sauna tent which folds and fits into the carrying bag
  • 2 patented far infrared radiators

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